Course Description

Designed for individuals who possess a genuine love for dogs and who wish to enter the dog grooming field and learn the art of grooming.


This course includes the following:


  • Handling and control
  • Grooming equipment and its proper
  • De-matting and coat care
  • Bathing and drying techniques
  • Clipping and setting patterns
  • Scissoring and finishing techniques

The course enables students to become all breed groomers and to function within a professional capacity. The students are given practical hands on experience under the guidance of two qualified instructors.


Questions and answers are also an integral part of the course.


You will learn about:


  • Canine internal parasites
  • Canine external parasites
  • Skin disorders
  • Anal glands
  • Balano posthitis
  • Tooth care
  • Vaccinations etc.


Our individualized approach allows for the best development of each student.

Course Hours

The course is 140 hours; 3 days a week for 6 weeks. Days will be determined on an individual basis. The school is open from Monday to Saturday and from 10:30 AM to between 4 and 6 PM.


All equipment (clippers, blades, etc.) will be provided by the school for the duration of the course. Afterwards, we can help you buy equipment at discount rates. We suggest that you see the implements used before making any purchase.


The École  de tonte de la Pagaille is conveniently located in the north end of the city  with excellent metro or bus transportation  facilities from every point of the city (metro  Sauvé , bus 180).


As  part of the course you may bring your own animal in for grooming at no extra  cost.



Please contact us to

discuss our payment plan.


(Prices are subject to

change without notice.)

Course Fees


(non-refundable):   300$

Tuition:  1700$

 TOTAL:  2000$



       A certificate of graduation is

issued upon completion of the course.

This course is approved in virtue of the Québec Private Teaching Law. License No. 749801.